Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is RNC's Message to Kill Obama or just a typo?

Although the meer thought that the Republican National Committee would advocate the murder of anyone, let alone an American citizen is ludicrous and absurd (and no accusation, implicit or explicit is being made here in any way), a posting on their national website today has me wondering if it isn't beyond the realm of possibility. I noticed it this morning as I was reading their headlines, which I do religiously. And there it was in plain sight, Obama: Wwak

Is that header a typo, or could this be a subtle, secret communiqué with a sleeper cell operative working for the RNC? According to the Urban Dictionary, "Whack" means "assassinate the mo-fo." (See definition 3-2.) Could Wwak be the RNC's own phonetic twist on that term? Perhaps the rest of the headline "on Bipartisanship" is an anagram for some additional instructions or cryptic message:

  • I part his bison nap - a reference to taking him out while he sleeps, i.e. interrupting his nap. (Bison = buffalo = the term used for black soldiers prior to WWII)
  • pa sins ar both in pi - a prophecy that his sins (of being the DNC candidate) and his father's sins (of being a muslim) are "coming full circle" with the completion of this directive.
  • this piano bar: spin - a clue as to where the operative is to pick up his fee for the job. Is Spin a popular piano bar in Georgetown where Republicans like to meet with lobbyists in dark booths and compare notes on which congressional pages are cuter in short shorts?

Maybe it's just metaphorical? By telling their people to Wwak him, they might mean assassinate his character.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it means "Who would Ahmenijad Kill?"

6:29 AM  
Blogger Phelps said...

Could I be a prophetic seer, challenging the likes of Edgar Cayce, Joseph Smith, and Nostradamus all rolled into one? Like a mutant Caysmidramus, one day after I post this thought that the RNC might be targeting a prominent Dem, Bill Gwatney, the Arkansas Democratic Chairman is fatally shot at the DNC's Littlerock HQ.

Maybe I misinterpreted the cryptic message.

5:20 PM  

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