Friday, August 08, 2008

Despite Great Hair, Edwards Just Another Scumbag Lawyer

After all he and his wife have been through, John Edwards, the guy I really wanted to win the Democratic nomination for President (after "Mighty Balls" Dennis Kucinich), turns out to be just another lying, scumbag lawyer. He even admitted to the lying and the scumbagging. (We already knew he was a lawyer.)

In my wishful world for ironic justice, his wife Elizabeth should get to have sex with his younger brother while he's battling incurable testicular cancer. Or, she should have sex in front of him with a young, handsome senatorial aide when he's battling Alzheimer's. (The rationale being that each offense will be like it's the first time he's catching them.)

A sad day for those hopeful few who believe that politicians can be decent human beings, and that they aren't all heartless, ego-driven walking waste.


Blogger Phelps said...

Also sad is the fact that The National Enquirer is who scopped all the other news outlets on this story (in 2007), even Turner/Phelps.

"T/P -- Where the world gets its fairly balanced news, almost every day."

4:54 PM  

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