Friday, February 29, 2008

SecDef Gates Flings the S-word

And I don't mean sabre.

This week I heard Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, on the subject of Turkey's incursion into Northern Iraq to combat US-supplied terror forces (the PKK), emphasized the importance of respecting Iraq's status as a sovereign nation and how wrong it is for Turkey to unilaterally send troops across the border. Our illustrious president followed suit by reiterating General Gates' sentiments on Iraq's sovereignty, albeit adding that Turkey should "do what they went in to do, but get out as soon as possible."

It disgusts me to hear these jokers (especially Bush) postulate on the sanctity of a nation's sovereignty, particularly Iraq's. The hypocrisy staggers my sensibilities. Why aren't the national news outlets making comparisons between what they're saying and what they've done?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama to Change Name

In response to the idiotic flap raised by Bill Cunningham and other right-wing whackos, Barack Hussein Obama is considering changing his name to something "more American." They haven't announced if the change will occur before or after the election season is over.

"Something with flair," confided Obama's assistant press secretary, Hymen Stalin. "It needs to evoke comforting thoughts of the average Joe, while instilling a sense of patriotic confidence and great business savvy. We'd like to see it be a name all Americans positively associate with and that Barack can be proud of using. Right now, the front runner of new names is Adolph Coors."

Editor's note - - - -

Has anyone raised the question of Bill Cunningham's last name? Pause between the compound words and you've got a clever pig.

By the way, Hussein means "handsome." Meanwhile, McCain's first name means "toilet."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Has America already lost?

As the candidates coalesce through the primaries into the last few who we the people get to pick from next November, I just noticed a disturbing fact. No one has mentioned Osama bin Laden. Particularly, no one has mentioned the importance of us continuing the search for him.

There's a lot of talk about Iraq, there's sabre-rattling and talk of bringing Iran to the diplomatic table for discussions, and there's talk of the continued fight against "fundamental Islamists." But there is no specific talk about bin Laden, nor about the need to address Wahhabism and the Wahhabist dogma that underlies most aspects of fundamental Islamism.

Does this mean we already lost? When the candidates make it to the national level, does someone step up and whisper the truth in their ear? "America has already lost to the Saudis. Here's your check, just play along with this 'democracy' game. It will be better for everyone in the long run if you don't rock the boat."

It kind of feels like that's what's going on.

George Bush sure has given up. If there's one truth to which wagon he has hitched his loyalties to, it's evidenced in the fact that of all the things he promised over the last seven years, "Bringing Osama bin Laden to justice" is the highest. And George couldn't even do that one thing.

Or wouldn't. Talk about a legacy to remember.

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