Friday, February 29, 2008

SecDef Gates Flings the S-word

And I don't mean sabre.

This week I heard Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, on the subject of Turkey's incursion into Northern Iraq to combat US-supplied terror forces (the PKK), emphasized the importance of respecting Iraq's status as a sovereign nation and how wrong it is for Turkey to unilaterally send troops across the border. Our illustrious president followed suit by reiterating General Gates' sentiments on Iraq's sovereignty, albeit adding that Turkey should "do what they went in to do, but get out as soon as possible."

It disgusts me to hear these jokers (especially Bush) postulate on the sanctity of a nation's sovereignty, particularly Iraq's. The hypocrisy staggers my sensibilities. Why aren't the national news outlets making comparisons between what they're saying and what they've done?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this anything like the Israeli version of crime control? You know: a criminal from an organized group kills somebody so you go after them with tanks, bombs, and rockets; with the occassional collateral side effects. What would happen if Arnie pulled this in East LA? or Daly pulled it in S. Chicago? Its OK though, Turkey, Iraq, and Israel are all soverign states.

8:33 PM  

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