Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Condie Too Sore To Sit

After nearly thirty minutes punctuating each and every one of President Bush's comments with a standing ovation, Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, finally gave up and just remained standing until the conclusion of the state of the union address.

Rabid C-SPAN viewer and Washington insider, Ghata Wadcha-Tranewreck, noted the following in her nightly on-line politico journal:

I've got to hand it to Condie for sheer stamina. Every pause, every finished sentence, she was the first one on her feet, clapping, and the last one to sit down. From the moment those teleprompters were first turned on, she was like a tiger, ready to pounce with her applause. All those ups and downs. I thought I was watching a Pam Anderson video. Even when the Republicans weren't giving him a standing ovation, there was Condie, on her feet, clapping maniacally. I wanted to warn her, to scream at the television, "Sit down, Condie! Pace yourself!" It's a marathon, you know, not a 100 yard dash. But she finally found the limits of her endurance. All that enthusiasm during the first half of the speech caught up with her. I could actually see the very moment when her body gave up, when her enthusiasm, like her interest in Middle East peace, took a sudden nosedive. Unfortunately for her, and the guy sitting behind her, it happened on the upswing, and she found herself stuck standing. Her hands couldn't clap and her knees couldn't bend. She was stuck in ovation. And I was embarrassed for her, and for the country.

Ghata signing off. Happy C-Spanning!


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