Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Whitehouse Hunts for New Corrupt Politician to Support in Pakistan

Since Bhutto's assassination, the Whitehouse has been struggling to find another corrupt politician to back in the name of Democracy. One anonymous aide currently searching Pakistan for a viable frontrunner said, "It's hard to find the right politician to back. They can't seem mean, or aligned with any 'questionable' religious groups. As long as they aren't labelled a military dictator, we don't care how corrupt they are or how much money they've siphoned out of the public coffers into their own private Swiss bank account."

Nervously glancing over his shoulder, the aide alluded to President Musharaf (or maybe Bush) by saying that national pride, patriotism, and love of country does not justify a military coup in a democracy. "No matter how corrupt, beholden to corporations, or enslaved by energy companies and oil cartels the leaders of the government might be, people should never question their duly elected government. Especially not the executive branch."


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