Monday, December 03, 2007

If anyone is going to start WW3, it will be Bush

Never have we looked so good as when we were coming to the rescue of our European allies in WWI and again twenty-three years later, with the added perspective of defending ourselves from "the godless yellow hoardes" that attacked us in the Pacific, unprovoked, in WWII. Since then it's been downhill, from a public relations perspective.

We almost gained it back in 2002 when we "retaliated" against Afghanistan's Taliban for their support of the 9/11 terror attackers. But we flushed that golden moment, along with the lives of over three thousand American troops, when we turned our attentions, under false pretenses, to Iraq. Now, the only way the Bush administration thinks we can regain our moral highground is by coming to the rescue once again during WWIII.

He keeps saying that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, it will cause WWIII. What he means is that if Iran becomes militarily powerful in the Middle East, he (Bush) will start WWIII to "put them in their place" or as they did in Iraq, bomb them into the Stone Age. If we look at it rationally, the dangerous rhetoric isn't flowing from Iran. Other than remarks that they will defend themselves if attacked (who wouldn't?), Iran hasn't done much regarding posturing for war. But the Bush administration, has done everything in it's power to prepare us for "an unavaoidable war" while scaring and provoking the Middle East with the same sabre rattling.

Bush is being pressured, I'm sure, by the Industrial Military Complex. Of course they would want a war.
War = more products ordered = dead people = stocks go up.

Not funny, so here's a little comparison to brighten your day:

George Bush compared to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


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