Friday, October 12, 2007

Democrats Conquer Peace

Al Gore just won the Nobel Peace Prize. That puts the Dems up two (Gore and Carter) to one over the Republicans (Teddy Roosevelt). Republicans, why do you hate Peace?

A dramatic 100% lead. It’s clear that the Dems are tough on Peace. We kicked Peace’s ass. We’ve taken Peace prisoner , held her hostage and learned her state secrets. We invaded and occupied Peace to make it a cornerstone of democratic stability in the turbulent Virtue Triangle. Charity and Hope, you’re next, suckers. We will bring stability to the region.

I know what you’re thinking, that we used mercenary third-party contractors ( the U.N. Climate Panel) who aren’t under the same scrutiny that the Government is under. But the truth is, the Republicans are total sissies when it comes to confronting Peace like a real man (e.g., Al Gore). And guess what? After we finished our invasion of Peace, Peace still had electricity.


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