Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alberto Gonzales Gone But Not - um... er - uh

No fanfare from Turner/Phelps for Alberto Gonzales. If he had been first to go, we would have done something big and flashy. If he had been the second or third rat to jump ship, we would have made some effort to make light of his leaving, poked fun, and had a good laugh at his expense.

But after so many bananas have fallen from the monkey's tree, Gonzales is just another bruised, over ripe, plantain destined for little more than a footnote in the archives of hangers-on gone bad. He's a sad little crony who's not even worth the effort of double-clicking the Photoshop icon on my desktop and will be forgotten the same way he conveniently forgot all of his own trespasses.

One question: how do you pass the bar exam, sit as a state supreme court judge, rise to the position of the U.S. attorney general, land the role of Texas secretary state, make partner at a major Houston law firm, and teach law at the University of Houston Law Center without having an excellent, if not infallible, memory?


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