Thursday, July 24, 2008

25,000 Iraqis coming to the U.S., but I can't cash a check?

All you have to do is listen to McCaine, or Fox News, or that recording on the PA system at the airport and it's pretty clear that we're currently at a heightened level of security in this country. They say that terrorists are everywhere, determined to destroy us and our way of life. And yet, our government is letting 25 THOUSAND Iraqis* into the U.S. on permanent visas.

I don't get it.

So what if they worked for the U.S. in Iraq? Don't we want the people who have some vested interest in us being there to stay there? If they were upstanding, honest, non-insurgent enough to work for us, they should stay. They should be the people who "stand up when we stand down" as our president put it.

But they say they fear for their lives. Exactly. Those are the people we want staying there to keep up the fight against the insurgents and present a rational defense against the Muqtada al-Sadrs and Shia theocrats of the region.

And what about our security? If even one out of every 250 of the Iraqis we let into the country harbor ill will against us (and I think it would be higher, regardless of us letting them move here, considering all the civilians we've killed over there), that means we're opening our doors to at least 100 potential terrorists.

I buy lotto tickets for a group of co-workers every week. Today, I tried to cash a $10 check from one of my lotto pals, but since I don't have an account with Wells Fargo (the check's bank) I couldn't use the drive-through. I had to walk into the bank lobby, present TWO forms of ID, and let them fingerprint me! All for the sake of heightened security. I'm not joking. It's total BS.

*5,000 per year for 5 years.


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