Monday, July 07, 2008

More on Bush's Book

If Bush wrote a memoir, what would he include? Why he was indecisive during the 9/11 attacks? Why he was ultra-decisive during the build-up to the Iraq invasion? Why he was uninvolved during the Katrina disaster? Why he was overly-involved in the gay marriage debate? Why he said that anyone in the White House who participated in the Valerie Plame leak would be fired, then failed to follow-through with that promise?

We know he has a proven track record of keeping tight-lipped regarding the decision making processes in his administration (besides his mantra that he is the decision maker). So should we expect much in the way of enlightenment from his personal memoir, or will it just be a lot incomplete sentences, poorly constructed thoughts, and unfinished, misapplied colloquialisms?

Besides, if he is completely comfortable lying to us on camera or in townhall meetings, I'm sure he's completely comfortable lying to us in print.


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