Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Steamed Over GOPs Attack

"Lay off my wife," Barack warned the Tennessee GOP this week after they aired a video of her stating that she was proud of America, for the first time in her life. Though she meant she was finally proud of our political process, she should have chosen her words better, or delivered each phrase and sentence of her stump speech in such a way to prevent the opposition from using a snippet out of context.

BUT, what Obama should have done, instead of warning the GOP, was to call John McCain and ask him, "Do you want this contest to be about our wives?" I'm sure McCain would have pre-emptively put the kabosh on any dirty pool by his party affiliates.

Just look up the spouses on Wikipedia. Sure, one has spent most her life as a lawyer or in politics while the other has been a rich philanthropist, but which one was involved (bookeeper for) a senatorial corruption case and carries a Wikipedia heading that reads, "Prescription drug addiction and theft"?

MMmmm... the best drugs are the ones you steal from your own nonprofit organization.

Hint: Cindy H. McCain


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