Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Predictions: Bush League for Condie Rice

Before Bush's term is up, I'm certain a member of his inner circle will jump ship. Since Dr. Rice and the Dark Lord of Summer Sausage are the only two remaining from his original band of evil henchmen, it's a coin toss between the two of them. My guess: Condie will fly the coop first.

Her explanation: she served her country and president well these past seven plus years and felt the time was right to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

Their real excuse: It will make room for another RNC Bush crony to serve, for just a few months, as Secretary of State, which looks really nice on the old resumé.

Cheney can't afford to leave office before Bush, lest George undo all the evil machinations Dick has set in motion these glorious seven years with the slip of his tongue or ill-advised stroke of the magically all powerful presidential fountain pen.

Do you have a Bush League Prediction?



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