Sunday, June 08, 2008

McCain War Ad Powerful But Misses Mark

John McCain War CommercialI saw the new John McCain "I hate War" ad on TV last night. It was the second ad I saw that made me actually say something outloud. Of course, what I said outloud was, "Wow, the f**cking general election has already started and the paint on the Democratic Primary Is Over signs isn't even dry yet."

I was impressed by the moving nature of the ad, but disappointed because he's playing to the people who are against the war in Iraq without saying he'll end the war in Iraq.

Never forget he said he was for the war in Iraq and that we might be there for 100 years.

The other ad I saw last night was much better. It made me say "oh my God" and laugh out loud. It was the Huggies ad where the baby pees all over the bedroom at the dinner party. Of course, if McCain doesn't win the election, maybe he'll be doing Huggies ads in the near future. Hell, Bob Dole was pushing Viagra after he lost (and Doritos for that matter).


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