Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hola Amigos!

Tis I back from a mexican prison sentence which I can assure you was a mockery of justice. Imagine a jury full of pinatas. Bang. Tons of chocolate goodies for the kiddies. And freedom for yours truly. Bang I say.

In Mexico I have seen some truly sick things. People going to the bathroom and then eating awesome tomato adobado tacos without washing their hands! Delicous tomato based tacos. No salmonella poisoning! For all you haters, all I have to say is there must be some dirty russians at hand there my friend, i can tell you that.

Well, I'm going back to the states with a clean salmonella-free hand, I can tell you that. Its like Hillary Clinton at the end of her campaign. Like Obama after a full breakfast of whole wheat high fiber pancakes at IHOP.

No. Thats not it at all. Though I'm sure Obama and I share a few aborted squirrels in the bathroom.

No, you know what it is? I feel like Clarice Starling coming out of Buffalo Bill's basement. Clean. And afraid of butterflies.

More to report after my chopstick fingers have regained their strength with a few grumps at King's Chef.



Blogger Phelps said...

Funny, I was just in Mexico and thought I smelled something familiar. I could have sworn the chorizo in my oatmeal had turned.

Bienvenudo to America, compadre.

6:03 PM  

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