Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman Lingers after Lamont

He's vowing to run as an independent.
What else is the guy gonna do? He's a career politician. The only other thing he's good at is sagging like a bassett hound.


Blogger Matt said...

The only thing he's good at is making me puke. He's finally shown his true ego-centricity. Here are some campaign slogans he should consider:

Lieberman: It's even more about me this time.

Lieberman 2: Lie Harder

Lieberman: I'm just like Nader without the winning personality.

Lieberman: For Republicans who are too embarrassed to vote for Republicans anymore.

Lieberman: Only 2% more spineless than a bowl of sugar-free lemon Jello but with 100% of the nasty aftertaste.

He should crawl back under the melting glacier from which Al Gore found him.

12:05 AM  

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