Thursday, August 10, 2006

Drunk, Drip, Disarm

Robin Williams enters rehab, Lieberman sludges over to the independent ticket, and Scotland Yard thwarts a terrorist plot involving explosive drinks smuggled onto airplanes in carry-ons.


I think not. This is obviously a conspiracy by the solid foods conglomerate, Dryisgood Omnimedia, to give the Fluid and Liquid American Beverage Council a black eye. Everybody knows that the relationship between the two consumer giants has been strained since the advent of liquid diets, and more recently the "power" drinks that have flooded the market. The solids cooperative wants people to be wary of liquids. Even a tiny doubt, or for example, choosing a bag of peanuts for the plane trip versus a Diet Coke, could equate to huge profits for Dryisgood Omnimedia.
Stay vigilant, America. All things are connected.


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