Tuesday, July 18, 2006

They're No Radiohead

I know that I’m supposed to like the band Radiohead. All of my “smart” friends like Radiohead. I appreciate what Radiohead is doing for me and for world peace. But I have nearly zero emotional response to their music. Listening to Radiohead falls somewhere on the list between eating a grilled cheese sandwich and watching a gorilla undergo oral surgery. I’ll let you decide what order those items are in, but none are top ten. And listening to Radiohead falls way behind listening to…

The new Sexytime Explosion album!

Jackie O hasn’t commented here for a while, but then she hasn’t blogged on her own blog for almost as long as I was absent here. But she still rocks as this album proves. And she plays a mean Guitar Hero to boot.

Go buy this album now (scroll to the bottom of the page). I mean it. Grandma wants Sexytime Explosion for her birthday. And would Great Uncle Elbert look great in a Sexytime Explosion T-shirt? I know what you’re thinking, I shoulda’ been a merch…


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