Friday, June 23, 2006

Homestarrunner Missing: Strongbad Top Suspect Based on Threatening Emails

So the brothers Chaps are either on a very long vacation (over 30 days and counting), they've given up the site, or they're trapped beneath a gigantic stack of emails and have been subsisting on a diet of PG-friendly jokes and colorful Flash movieclips for the past month.

Somebody go look for them! Don't forget to check their basement.

Come back, guys. You can't possibly be hurting for dough. Just last week when I was shopping for groceries I parked my Subaru with the Strongbad static-cling sticker in the back next to another Subaru with a Homestar static-cling sticker in the back. Sure, Colorado is the land of Subarus, but for two to have HR stickers in the windows? Next to each other? Same make and model? You must be rolling in product sales to have that kind of coverage.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This probably has something to do with it:

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