Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Massacre of Innocents

If the murder of an innocent person is successfully covered-up by the spin doktors, did anyone actually die? What if it was two dozen people? Does that make a massacre? How about a baker's dozen? That's just getting creamed. Oh, the pun of it all.

Current investigations are underway to determine if a company of killbots did in fact massacre 23 innocent women and children in the village of Haditha, Iraq. The question should be "who's conducting the investigation?" Well, for national security of course, it's an investigation by the very organization that trained the killers, assembled the company, assigned them to the region, and gave them their marching orders. (See this article.)

Perhaps we should be re-evaluating the role of these highly specialized death dealers. We build them to be invincible, program them to kill without compassion, then we're surprised when their wires get crossed and they revert to their prime directive*. Perhaps our heart strings are being tugged in the wrong direction and it is the killbot that deserves our sympathy. Those 23 women and children most likely provoked the killbots, or at least hid from them in a suspicious fashion, like behind a closed door or under a mattress, and forced the killbots to respond in the manner that would best protect themselves: kill everyone and let God sort them out.

* Prime Directive:

on (hardReboot) {
} else {


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