Friday, July 14, 2006

Suadi Prince's House for Sale: Still Smells Like Goat Cheese

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia is selling his house in Aspen, Colorado. Reportedly the most expensive house in the United States and perhaps the world (hello, Buckingham Palace anyone??), the asking price for the "compound" is 135 million dollars.

"That's not chump change," said real estate agent Charles "Chip" Spiegelman of Redneck Realty in Summit County. "I've got flyers out all over town and even up in Leadville. I hope I get a nibble of that commission check."

When asked what the house was like, Chip went into real estate agent mode. "It's a spacious fifteen-bedroom modern," he said, "with a workable floorplan, eleven and a half bathrooms that would be great for large families, walking distance from award winning local schools, and plenty of room for weekend guests. There is one thing that might affect the asking price, the place kind of smells like barbequed goat and feta cheese."


Blogger Matt said...

Is Osama hiding in the basement?

5:30 PM  

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