Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sexy Army Recruitment Posters Pulled from College Campuses

On the heels of four more U.S. soldiers being charged with the rape and murder of an Iraqi teenage girl, the Whitehouse announced that it has ordered the retraction of it's latest recruitment posters and is returning to the "Army of One" campaign.

The newer failed campaign was rolled out to college campuses since the Spring of 2005 and was aimed at 18 to 22-year-old college fraternity members and athletes. A spokesperson for the Army admitted that it was a desparate attempt by the Pentagon to boost its flagging recruitment numbers. "We didn't care who signed up," the spokesperson said on condition of anonymity, "we just wanted to fill those boot camp rosters. And this seemed like the best way to get volunteers."

All of the posters depicted attractive, scantily clad Arab women, and carried suggestive taglines such as, "I want You in the U.S. Army (and in me)," "Please Liberate Me," and the most popular on campus, "Join the Army and tap some sweet raghead ass."

One note of interest: during this campaign, the Coast Guard and Air Force's female enrollment experienced sharp upward spikes.


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Wrong, wrong, wrong... on sooooo many levels!!

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