Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Saddam Requests 3-Month Adjournment

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - The lawyer for Saddam Hussein said Tuesday he will ask a tribunal for a three-month adjournment of the former Iraqi dictator's trial.

Saddam's lawyers say this adjournment will be, "to help us clean up his image in the media before the trial."

Some of the PR they plan to stage to make him "look better" in the eyes of the Iraqi people and more importantly to the members of the tribunal are:

  • Photos of Saddam kissing babies.
  • A PSA announcement on Baghdad television of Saddam saying "talk to your kids about not smoking."
  • A news story of Saddam helping clean up trash along a local highway.
  • Free T-shirt give away promotion. The shirts show a shrugging Saddam with the words, "What 1982 Massacre? I was in Egypt then!"
  • Billboards across the nation showing a gigantic photo from the Abu Grahib scandal and a quote from Saddam saying, "Even at my worst, I didn't use dogs!"


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