Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Colbert T-Shirts Not Guv'ment Approved

Stephen Colbert of the Daily Show (with Jon Stewart) has a show of his own starting October 17:

The Colbert Report
(Giving it to you hard, straight, and nightly)

And to hype the show, as well as make a little scratch on the side for his gambling addiction and three illegitimate children, Colbert is selling t-shirts and coffee mugs through Comedy Central's online store.

The trouble is, you can't buy any of the merchandise! They're all suspiciously blocked with an "Out of Stock" message when you click through.

Is this another conspiracy spearheaded by the right-wing partisans in the government, or just another screw-up by Comedy Central (like promoting Dave Chapelle's non-existent season 3)?

I think the latter.


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