Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Rips Flags, Senate Demands Her Arrest

As hurricane Katrina hammered the gulf states, images of her shredding American flags filled conservative members of the U.S. Senate with shock and dismay.
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-TN) took to the floor and demanded action. "We stand on the precipice of moral decay," Sen. Graham bemoaned, "if we allow images like this to be shown on daytime television when sensitive elderly women and impressionable children might be watching! If we allow this sort of disgraceful behavior, what's next? Someone's buttocks might be shown and we know that leads to homosexual behavior, teenagers having sex, smoking crack cocaine, and becoming suicide bombers. My fellow members of the senate, I implore you, we must stand firm on this issue and outlaw such wanton acts of defacing Old Glory."


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