Thursday, July 21, 2005

UK Terrorists Just Don't Get It

Terrorists in the UK today are scratching there heads as citizens continue commuting to work, visiting zoos, and going about their daily lives. Obviously the fundamentalists don't get that the Brits invented the words "staunch," "unperturbed," and "cheerful." For crying out loud, they use "cheers" and "cheerio" the way a Hawaiian uses "aloha."

Plus they're hard as nails on the inside. Nothing mushy or weak there, after centuries of frying and boiling every hint of flavor and nutrition out of their food.

Figure it out, you idiotic extremists, you're not going to break their spirits with bombs. A nation of people that survived the blitzkreig and endured 30 years of the IRA with chins up and a healthy optimism, isn't going to be intimidated by a handful of whackos like you. Try your dirty work on someone with less resolve.


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