Thursday, June 23, 2005

Oprah Pissed for Being Treated Like Everyone Else

PARIS (AP) - The luxury store Hermes has apologized to Oprah Winfrey for turning her away from one of its Paris boutiques last week, saying it was closed for a public relations event when she came knocking.

Tell me again, why does Hermes need to apologize to the Queen of Daytime Talk? She just got a taste of the real world. You know, being treated like everyone else!
If I had shown up at the boutique 15 minutes after they closed, would I have expected them to open the door for me? No. Even if I had a million dollars in my pocket, I shouldn't expect to be treated any better than anyone else, from the super rich to the average Joe Sixpack (or is that Jean Luc Baggette in Paris?) They were in the middle of preparing for a private public relations event, for crying out loud. Are they supposed to stop what they're doing and have the employees stay away from their homes and families even later so they can cater to Oprah's every whim?
Get ready, she's already priming the pump by calling the experience her own "Crash" moment, in reference to a film about race relations.
She's going to spin this as having something to do with race? Come On, Oprah, you're classier than that!


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