Monday, August 01, 2005

Less Publicized Karl Rove "Indiscretions"

When he's not committing treason, Karl Rove sometimes says too much about other top secret information as well. Things like:

1. KFC helps Rove maintain his oily appearance by bathing in left over chicken fat. How did Rove return the favor? By revealing the existence of a 12th secret ingredient in their buckets of chicken: kangaroo.

2. Jimmy Hoffa's burial place: underneath Donald Trump's "hair."

3. George W. Bush is actually the secret love child of Don Knotts and Koko the sign language gorilla.

4. Tom Cruise isn't completely obsessed with gay wrestling porn -- just the stuff that features hairless midgets.

5. Apparently they get those tiny clipper ships into those little bottles by gluing the bottom of the bottle on afterward, not by hiring magical pixies to sail into the bottle from the land of Winkie.

6. The capitol building used to have a flat roof but it was replaced by a dome to accomodate Ted Kennedy's expanding crainium.

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