Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bird Flu in Turkey Proof of God's Sense of Irony

To: Earth (All)
From: The Office of The Almighty

Dear Inhabitants of the Firmament,

The Almighty would like everybody to know that despite the fact that most of you don't believe it, He does in fact have a wicked sense of irony and a fairly dry wit. To prove this to the most cynical of you, he has decided that the first developed country outside of Southeast Asia to report a case of the dreaded Bird Flu will be Turkey.

He would also like you to know that the Canary Islands were his second choice, but "canary" isn't as funny as "turkey" and He's sorry if this has disappointed anybody who had chosen the Canary Islands in the office pool.

Also, He has decided that this coming Friday is "Funny Hat Day," and that everybody can take off work two hours early.

Have a productive week,

El Shaddai
President and COO of EntireUniverse Corp.
Distributed by Gabriel the Annointed


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