Friday, November 19, 2004

Setting Our Sites On Iran

What can a lame duck President do to keep the nation's mind off of domestic problems and the quagmire of death that is Iraq?
Start Another War!
That's right. The wheels are turning as Washington shifts its gaze from one mess to a potential other. Anonymous diplomats have surfaced to say that Iran is on the fast track to making uranium hexaflouride gas (a component for nuclear weapons) in the last few days before its treaty with France, Britain, Germany, and the EU to halt its nuclear program takes affect next week.

Can we in clear conscience let this diabolical member of the Bush-described Axis of Evil do such a heinous thing as produce hexaflouride gas? And who are these anonymous diplomats? Well, two years ago we would have called them reliable intelligence sources, but the Bush administration has given the word "intelligence" a black eye (in more ways than one).

It won't be long before GW and Rummy are telling us that Iran is an imminent threat to our security and that we have to preemptively attack them to protect our way of life.


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