Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Bush, The Great Unificator

To show how excited they are about George W and his hawkish cronies getting another 4 years in the White House, Russia announced this week that they have developed a nuclear missile that can penetrate our missile defense shield.
An anonymous spokesperson for the President read the following statement while standing on a rickety milk crate near the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and Patriot Lane:
George W Bush is very excited about Russia's plan to resume the proliferation of nuclear weapons. If they build more missiles, we'll build more missiles. And that means more jobs for Americans. Hoseah in the highest!
I guess George is a uniter. He's putting the "mutual" back into "mutually assured destruction."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus, I know you love children, red, yellow, black, white. I've never seen a red or yellow child, but if I do, I will tell them you love them and that they are precious in your sight. But why do you hate Iraqi children so much?

This message brought to you in the name of George W. Bush, your virtual avatar on the planet earth and executor of your estate, Amen.

5:18 PM  

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