Friday, November 12, 2004 Review Heppenstall's Parts That Hate Me

Edward get's a killer review from Indie Music. Here are some Highlights: - Edward Heppenstall ~ Parts That Hate Me:

"There's a beat poet in Edward Heppenstall just scatting to get out. There's also a funkmeister in there somewhere, as well as a classical composer and a dramatic actor. Somehow, Heppenstall manages to incorporate the tastes of all of these extra souls on his debut CD without sounding cluttered. Getting them all
to agree on pizza toppings, on the other hand, must be a nightmare.
Scatting on a pizza, now that's something you can't miss!

"Parts That Hate Me is a very smooth, sometimes playful, sometimes intense rock
experiment, and I declare it a success...

Heppenstall bursts out of the speakers with 'For Love or Now,' starting with jangly guitar over creeping bass, and then bursting into jazzy, surreal pop/rock. The song sounds wild and frenzied. It's a thunderstorm of a rock song. That drama rises again and again throughout the CD, but Heppenstall keeps it from blowing right into pretentiousness territory...

The groove kicks in on 'Don't Take Me Down,' which I played twice because I wasn't done with my chair dance when it ended the first time. My favorite is the title track. I spent most of it trying to remember what band it reminded me of. Heppenstall may cringe to read this, but it's Spandau Ballet with a harder rock approach. I can hear Tony Hadley singing this song. The harmonies are gorgeous. This is radio gold. "
Tony Hadley eat your heart out. If you're lacking Haunakrismakwaa present ideas... go here and buy the CD.


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