Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Brawls without Balls

Another mob brawl at a nationally televised sporting event...
At least the kids weren't exposed to any nipples, or heaven forbid, a naked white woman seducing a black football player.

It's OK, according to the chairman of the FCC, for our children to see their sports idols bash each other's faces in on TV, as long as there is no sexual content in the melee. In fact, the sex on TV would be fine, too, according to Powell, as long as nobody complained.
(I think he's lying. He'd slap a fine on Herbal Essence for their ads of women having way too much fun shampooing their hair if Herbal Essence's parent company wasn't covertly funding his 2012 bid for the Presidency.)

For all of you parents out there worried about what your kids are being exposed to, I say, "Grow up and stop thinking your kids are such brainless push-overs."

When we were kids, we sneaked a peak at our older brother's copy of Hustler (or our father's copy of Playboy), we watched a few porno movies under the guise of having a sleep-over at a friend's house, our parents had subscriptions to National Geographic chocked full of naked aborigines, and we watched All in the Family, with plenty of sexual energy between Gloria and the Meat-head, and we didn't turn into sex-crazed rapists.

Well, some of us didn't.


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