Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Free Speech: Do It While You Can

Our friend from the Beltway sent us these thought-provoking photos of American expressions of free speech.

They made me think that there's still time left for you to exercise your freedom of speech. Not just before the election, but after, too, regardless of who wins. I say there's still time, because they'll be changing that soon enough. They don't like you to exercise your rights. In the old days they called it "being uppity" or "causing trouble."

Remember, our founding fathers considered the act of dissent a thing of great value. Exercise it.

If Bush/Satan win, you'll be seeing a lot less of this, especially once Ashcroft is set loose to hunt us down.
Remember, if they are given a "mandate by the people" to run things the way they have been, it won't be hard for them to change the definition of "peaceful march" to "terrorist gathering" or "game night" to "Al Qaeda recruit session."

It's all in how you interpret the constitution. And they interpret it through an evangelically fascist monocle.

If you're thinking of doing something similar to what the folks did in these photos, follow these simple guidelines:

Never deface or damage public or private property.
Never endanger someone's life
(say, by obstructing traffic).
Never be a public nusiance (say, by being Carl Rove).
It's better to be clever than to be mean.
Never say we told you to do it
(encouragement is not commandment).


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