Monday, September 04, 2006

The Women Are Less Hairy Here

Asiago has an internet café! I'm not sure what this is costing me, but like Greece, I'm going to be spending more time finding keys on the keyboard than actually writing.

We're in a house with no international TV, no internet, and the village (Roana) has no English newspapers, so I'm out of the loop on the headlines of today and will take a moment to check.

The Crocodile Hunter is Dead??? Geez, I'm gone for two weeks and the world starts falling apart? I loved Steve Irwin. He will be missed. We should start hunting and killing stingrays all over the world. No, wait, that's Mussolini's spirit (spiritus il Duce) trying to channel through me from beyond the grave.

That headline has ruined my day. More later if I can get back when there are stupid politicians to rail about.


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