Tuesday, August 22, 2006

G-o-T Pulls a Lebanon on Hezbollah-like Bladder

(Originally meant for posting 08/02/06)

Turner and the God of Thunder have something else in common besides dangerous good looks and haute couture. The God of Thunder grew tired of the frequent attacks on his promised land by bile insurgents and stone-passing terrorists hiding among the civilian population in Gallbladderovia. So he took action last week in the form of an all out laproscopic war.

He annihilated the militia. Sadly, Gallbladderovia is gone, but the region as a whole is much more stable and secure than it was before.

As for Phelps, all organs are in place and working swimmingly. Genetic superiority? you ask. Perhaps. Or maybe just less gin and scotch than the other contributors over the collective years.

The wreckage.


Blogger Matt said...

Yikes, TGOT, sorry to hear that. Get well soon and watch the cheeseburgers for a few months.

Phelps, you might be on to something with the Gin. Some say I've had more than my share. Some say I've had more than the entire English Navy from 1952-53. Some say that the only way I could still be alive is because I had my swollen liver replaced with a Brita filter.

6:51 PM  
Blogger Phelps said...

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7:56 PM  

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