Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Postcard from Canada

Dear friends,
You may not have heard much from us this month, and I apologize.
It's hard to stay on top of current events while house hunting in Toronto.
Great news from the Department of Defense, though. It's good to know that prisoner abuse, torture, and cover-ups are rampant throughout the military and not confined to four poorly trained soldiers in one prison.
And this latest twist on the President's good friend and model patriot from ground zero, Bernard Kerik, that he picked to be the next homeland security czar... total self-destruct. That one's getting a lot of polite laughs up here. Bigger laughs from Guiliani going to the White House and apologizing for him!
One thing lots of Canadians have been asking me is, "Why does Donald Rumsfeld hate American soldiers so much?" Good question. My answer: because they point out the obvious.

And he doesn't like the obvious.

Well, we have an appointment with a real estate agent, so I gotta go!
Take care!


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