Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Call Me Punxsutawney Phil

That's right, I found myself afraid of my own shadow yesterday. Afraid to post the following blog because it might be considered an attack on Dubya and his anal parasite, Rummy.

What has America come to if an upstanding citizen like myself is afraid to exercise his right to freedom of speech through this blog? Sad sad sad. Either that or I'm just a big wuss.

- - the blog in question - -

Schoolyard Bullies Grow Up to Join Special Forces

(AP) U.S. special forces accused of abusing prisoners in Iraq threatened Defense Intelligence Agency personnel who saw the mistreatment, according to U.S. government memos released Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The special forces also monitored e-mails sent by defense personnel and ordered them "not to talk to anyone" in the United States about what they saw, said one memo written by the Defense Intelligence Agency chief, who complained to his Pentagon bosses about the harassment.

Is anyone surprised that soldiers would threaten or intimidate people to protect themselves and the dirty little deeds they're performing for their suit-wearing fascist overlords?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The REAL criminals are the men and women of the armed forces. They're the ones who are abusing prisoners. They're the ones who take photos of themselves abusing prisoners. They're the ones who are letting the insurgents run rampant throughout the country -- despite president Bush's heartfelt efforts to stop the terrorists. Why can't these military slackers just do what George and Donald ask them to do and make Iraq a free democracy? It can't be that hard. The mission was accomplished in May of 2003. Didn't they get the memo?

3:04 PM  

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