Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sexy Beast

So, there are allegations on the AP wire that our favorite conservative talk show host, Bill O'Reilly, likes to sexually harrass his co-workers over the phone. We don't know the details, yet, if any, and we don't know if these allegations are true. But I just love the thought of the holier-than-thou, uptight, Puritanical, sex-haters, being exposed as either freak-a-deeks (Swaggert), sex-aholics (Jim Bakker), or fetish-mongers (allegedly O'Reilly).
I'm giddy with anticipation, to see where this story goes.


Blogger God of History said...

I can't believe that you would make such an accusation. How could you be so historically wrong? And to think, I was beginning to see you guys as a potentially humerous and accurate site. But to blast these wonderful people, these models of free sex, these pro-orgasm minded families, these wonderful yet devout believers of sex for all, particularly the young (and their servants). Good God Almighty! Next you'll be telling us that "G.W." cuts down cherry trees (what a metaphore that is, "cherries"). How could you possibly associate the Puritans with such a stiff like Bill? You are probably working off some Left Wing Liberal web site that preaches the N.E.A. and D.N.C. version of New England History. Or perhaps your BLOG has been influenced by the Catholic mentality of pedofile priests and Teddy Kennedy.

Get your facts about History before you make such silly claims. A Puritan was not "puritanical" about sex. Quite the opposite.

7:16 PM  
Blogger Mitch said...

Shades of hypocritical Rush Limbaugh!

10:48 PM  
Blogger Phelps said...

And now they have accused Fox of firing Mackris for complaining about the sexual harrassment. (Of course, Fox says she wasn't fired.)

7:21 AM  

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