Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hollywood Turner

Many readers have been emailing me, asking where Matt has been lately. Actually, they've been emailing me asking me why the blog isn't funny anymore. For example:

Dear, not-so-funny guy,

Where is Matt? What happened to all the insightful, intelligent, high-brow humor your blog used to have when he was posting? Why do you try to make lame jokes by altering photos in MSPaint and ripping off "The Daily Show?"
I wish you would die,

Here is my answer:
Dear, Mitch.
First off, I use Photoshop, you reetard, not MSPaint. Second, Matt was asked to make cameo appearances in several movies this summer. Get off my back, I'm doing the best I can.
Here are some scenes from one blockbuster film you'll be able to see him in. Since he didn't have speaking parts, I don't think they'll actually give him any credits, but trust me, it's him.

Other movies Matt has been in:
Herbie Goes to the Salvage Yard
Matt plays Buddy Hacket's rebellious Hassiddic son, Yesshic.

Jimmy Hits the Big Town
Matt plays "El Diablo."

Government Guinea Pig
Matt narrates.


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