Monday, October 04, 2004

Hard to be Funny in Hard Times

Our plan of making your lives a little more endurable with our brand of sophomoric humor, unverified facts, off-the-cuff comments, and occasionally harsh tirades, sometimes falls short of expectations. We can't apologize for hard times making our tongue-in-cheek efforts seem bitter or mean when they don't work. Sure, we slip up now and then, but you have to admit, sometimes we've been right on the mark.

With American soldiers dying everyday, gasoline prices sky-rocketing, and our national election process seeming to erode beneath the constant battering winds of public opinion polls, we find it hard to come up with things to say that will bring some hope to your dreary existence.

The first debates weren't as definitive as we had hoped they would be, and we can't promise the rest of them will spell victory, either. The country hasn't been so politically polarized since the debate over women's suffrage, so our comments often offend some while not making enough of an impact with others. We'll do our best to continue giving you all we got, and to try to be a little funnier than we have been, recently.


George W. Bush & Dick Cheney


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