Monday, October 11, 2004

Rove Whispers in Bush's Ear?

Here's an interesting string of conspiratorial ruminations:

The question being: During the debates, are President Bush's answers fed to him via a tiny earpiece transmitter by someone like Carl Rove sitting backstage? (I know, this satirical photo shows Rush "Lude Daddy" Limbaugh. I couldn't find a decent photo of Carl Rove -- he's always hidden in the shadows.)

In the forum (above URL) they suggest someone try to tap into the signal during the debate to record it and expose the ruse. Another suggestion is to bombard Bush's earpiece with music or high-pitched noise to force him to remove the device. I think the SS -- I mean -- Secret Service, would consider that a no-no and come down pretty hard on anyone attempting such a feat. Nothing says "enemy combatant who deserves to be imprisoned without proper legal consultation" like someone who scrambles the Presidents audio prompting.

Another question: Doesn't the rule that the candidates cannot be photographed from behind during the debates strike anyone as suspicious?

I say, "hey, if Milli Vanilli lost their Grammy and fell from grace for being exposed as lip-synchers, then anyone is fair game!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...something inside his ear!

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