Thursday, October 14, 2004

What I Did for My Summer Vacation

Yep, I’m back. Not really a vacation so much as working my booty off all around the globe, for you, the proletariat. Tales of my Hollywood exploits were overstated although I did play a mean pickup b-ball game while I was in SoCal. Also, rumors that I was died in some Japanese suicide cult are obviously not true. Here’s what I did do the last two weeks:

* Mourned the death of real public debate (Dick Cheney, you’re a snotty little troll)

* Entertained wholesale distributors far and wide (but mostly wide)

* Enjoyed a meal at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio at the Venetian in Vegas, but was forced to defend my claim to heterosexuality based on my spot-on wine pick for the evening and an absolutely fabulous Calvin Klein suit

* Spun the new NAFRO CD, but forgot to ask Alex to sign it for me . I also nearly ripped his big toe off in the aforementioned pick-up game, oopsie-daisy.

* Susan and I took Quinn on a seven-city tour where several old ladies in airports nearly fainted at how cute he is – it’s a power I pray he only uses for good, and not

Thanks, Thom, for keeping the Blog Fires burning in my absence. Mom always said you were the funny one.


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