Monday, June 21, 2004

The Best Way to Spread Democracy: Kick it in the Balls

Iraq's new government may impose a state of emergency, including curfews, a ban on public demonstrations and no Krispy Kremes on Fridays. From the New York Times (free registration required:

Among the emergency rule provisions being considered are a curfew, a ban on public demonstrations, checkpoints to control public movement and changes to search and seizure laws, two cabinet members said in separate interviews on Sunday evening.

It remains unclear whether such measures would bring significant changes in the lives of ordinary Iraqis. Under the United States-led occupation, occupation and Iraqi soldiers and security forces have been allowed to conduct raids without warrants, make arrests without charges, and hold suspects in detention indefinitely.

What's next, letting five judges appoint an inarticulate monkey as President? Oh, wait, that was us.


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