Wednesday, June 16, 2004

That's DOCTOR Tambourine Man, man.

Scotland's oldest university announced Wednesday it was awarding an honorary doctorate to the laureate of folk-rock, Bob Dylan. (Ap Story)

The university said Dylan, 63, had accepted only one previous honorary degree, from Princeton University in 1970.

A little known fact: Mrs. Ira Herschowitz of Flatbush claims that she was actually the first to bestow the doctoral honorarium on Dylan, in 1954, at the age of 13. "Back then he was just little Bobby Zimmerman from around the corner," Mrs. Herschowitz recounted, "but my sisters and I called him 'Doctor Zimm' because he was so good at checking us for measles and the like in the store room of his father's bakery."

Over a glass of iced green tea at his apartment, this reporter asked Dr. Dylan (Hon.) about Mrs. Herschowitz's claim. His response was decidedly incomprehensible before he unfolded his bug-like wings and burrowed into the hardwood floor. "Eh uhZIMUH in thuh baykree with uh Ira uhma zim zimmo bzzz bzzz."

Man... what was in that tea?


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