Wednesday, May 16, 2007

God Pulls "Because I said so" Trump Card

Worn out from the incessant questions from His children, God finally snapped today and roared at the world, "Because I said so!" This outburst was in response to the same old questions being repeated for the billionth time.

"From now on," He continued, "whenever you want to know why things are the way they are, the answer is Because I Said So. And if you don't quit acting up and start playing nice with one another, I swear I will stop this universe and give you something to act up about."

~ v ~

Annoying questions most frequently asked of God this month:
  1. Why do we have to die?
  2. Why do we have to go to church/temple/mosque?
  3. Why does the sun come up every day?
  4. Why do we Mormons/Muslims/Catholics have to tithe you more money than those Protestants/Jews?
  5. Why did Sanjaya get bumped from American Idol?
  6. Why won't you let me win the lottery?
  7. Why do we get wrinkles?
  8. Why did my house get bombed?


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