Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shot Heard 'Round the World Still Ringing in World's Ears

Did the American Revolution start today, two hundred and thirtytwo years ago? So says Wikipedia.

Wow. It's been like a wild ride at Six Flags with all the freedom of speech, Louisiana purchases, Monroe Doctrines, industrialization, wars with Mexico, gold rushes, first in flight, women's suffrage, eradication of polio, civil rights, and Microsoft. Whew. Let's go around again on the roller coaster. Wheeeeeee!

Win me another stuffed animal, this day will never end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Wikipedia really be trusted? Take for example their entry on 'beaver'. No mention of a supreme creator. Obviously Wikipedia is controlled by the left-wing intelligensia who refuse to recognize that the world was created by a giant beaver. It's no wonder kids are posting nude videos of themselves on You Tube. Without an honest inclusion of the Great Beaver in our school texts to give our children a choice in legitimate scientific theory our children have resorted to smoking huge bongs and voting for Democrats. The founders of this country intended Beaver to be a significant part of our daily civil life. Without Beaver we've degenerated into a bunch of Blackberry twiddling condom mongering gays. Oh, Beaver have mercy on us.

9:23 PM  

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