Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All this Talk about Beavers

Boy, those fast and furious comments about the beaver creating the world sure did get a lot of attention. A lot for the T/P crowd, that is (8 and counting). Our readers are typically more reserved with their opinions. They tend to be spectators more than participators. They're more the Jimmy Swaggerts to our Pee Wee Hermans. But mix creationism and beavers in a blog and watch those comments fly. Albeit, Phelps made one of the comments, but that's just how polarizing a subject the beaver is, even we had to chime in.

Who doesn't like beaver?


Blogger Turner said...

Awesome. I think we have a new mascot. I especially loved the multi-valent comment "Beaver is Love." Pure poetry. That should be the new mascot and slogan for T/P.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Phelps said...

He'll need a heme song that he can croon whenever somebody clicks his wiggly nose. Perhaps a theme song contest is in order? We could give something away, like an official Turner/Phelps mug. Of course we're too cheap to have mugs made, but we can use an old Morning Edition mug I still have from my 1999 basic level early bird membership to NPR. I'll add a beard to Bob Edwards' face to make him me, and add some eyeliner and earrings to Nina Totenberg to be Turner. Then I'll put a big X through "Morning Edition" and write "Official Beaver Cup" on the bottom of the mug so people can read it whenever the winner tilts it back for a drink.

9:56 PM  

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