Monday, November 27, 2006

Podium Resigns to Make Room for New Ideas

WASHINGTON -- After years of defending his presidential podium, President George W. Bush announced the resignation of his stand-behind furnishing just three weeks after the Democrats' triumph in congressional elections.

Bush reached back to his years in the Texas capitol to tap a former governor's podium as a replacement for 'Ol Podie. In deference to his party's defeat by Democrats and his now-deceased long-time politicaly enemy, Bush had Anne Richards' podium dusted off and shipped to the White House on Airforce One from the stockyard auction house where it has been working for the past sixteen years. It will begin it's new duties as presidential podium as soon as they can get rid of the smell of cow manure and steer urine.

The President has nominated 'Ol Podie for a Medal of Freedom. But with the current political climate, public sentiment toward the Iraq War souring, and the Democrats holding the key to the box where they keep the fancy blue ribbons that the medals hang from, it is doubtful the honor will be awarded.


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