Thursday, November 02, 2006

Genital Mutilation Sentence Worries Millions

The sentencing of an Ethiopian man in an Atlanta court to 10 years in prison for performing genital circumcision on his 2-year-old daughter has tens of millions of American parents wondering, "Are we next?"

The child, now 7, testified against her father in a court of law, well past Georgia's statute of limitations for aggravated battery and undefensible creepiness toward a child. This precedent has many Judeo-Christian parents contacting their state attorneys-general and personal lawyers, asking if they are in danger of imprisonment for mutilating their sons' genitals at birth.

Jerry Falwell, from his obsidian citadel in Lynchburg, Virginia, cautioned his followers to obtain waivers from their children before performing the procedure, or to avoid it altogether, claiming it was "a cruel barbaric, pagan cult ritual, typical of the people who killed our Lord, Jesus."

Rabbi Jerry Cosenblum of the Jewish Cultural Awareness Institute in Manhattan had this heated response to the reverend Falwell, "How dare you? CIRCUMCISION IS THE NAME OF GOD WRITTEN ON YOUR HEAD, you boorish fascist!"


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